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Opus Seed Bank has experience and equipment to assist with your growing needs. From planting services to contract growing, we can tailor to your needs!

PlantTape Field Planting

PlantTape is an automated transplanting solution designed to eliminate many of the challenges associated with transplant production. PlantTape provides growers the ability to transplant young vigorous plants on a large scale with minimal labor. Designed as a turn-key system, PlantTape will maximize nursey space and remove the need for bulky sowing equipment. Seed provided by the customer is placed into the biodegradable PlantTape and returned ready for propagation. Growers can germinate the dry PlantTape trays immediately or the trays can be stored for a later planting. Growers can become their own nursery with little infrastructure and control the entire growing process in-house. PlantTape transplants can be planted at any stage of growth allowing for flexibility in the planting schedule and to mitigate the impact of adverse weather.

Given the unique spacing of hemp, extensions can be installed on PlantTape machines to increase planting capacities without the increase in labor. The extensions allow hemp growers to plant 5+ acres per hour with only 2-3 people, including the tractor driver.

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